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Ozanam Recovery House is a 19-bed transition home located in Kelowna, BC for adult men who are struggling with addictions, mental health issues, or both. Our mission is to provide our residents with a home, health and hope. By providing professional treatment resources and stable housing all under one roof, we have created a unique environment where residents can fully focus on their recovery and personal development while living in a safe and supportive community setting. We proudly work in partnership with BC Housing Corporation, the Ministry of Social Development and Interior Health to provide affordable, supportive housing to those in need.

  • “Addiction cuts across our society, from highest to lowest.  It has no respect for anyone.  Because places like Ozanam exist, there is hope for anyone who wants to recover.”

  • “I think the facility itself is unique as far as recovery houses go.  The fact such as having single occupancy rooming has a dramatic effect on oneself when a person would need room to breathe, time to reflect and contemplate.”

  • “My personal journey has now been extended into returning to college this fall to take course in addictions counselling and a degree in psychology.  This would never have been possible had I not entered Ozanam House.”

  • “For the first time in my life, I look forward to tomorrow.” “Ozanam House means that I get a chance to change the things that have been killing me for my whole life, and gives me a chance to grow emotionally, spiritually and mentally into the man God intended me to be.”

  • “We are treated like adults here.  We are allowed our own opinions and thoughts, and can speak freely.  We are given love, care, support and encouragement by the staff and each other.”

  • “My addiction had beaten me down to a place where it seemed there was no way out.  The next stop would have probably been my death.  Ozanam House gave me a solid base from which I could get back into life, instead of watching it pass me by.”

  • “ I tried never to take for granted the food served, the water, the hydro, the bills that have to be paid, and the immense support from staff.”

  • “I want each and every one of you wonderful people to know how much of a positive ripple effect you have had on my life, as well as the lives of people I care so deeply for.  I pray daily that God can use me to help others do his work, and just be open to the good in myself, which I have never seen before.”

  • “When I came here, I was broken in spirit, mind and body, suffering from a lifetime of abuse and addiction.  During the last 2 years, staff and the institution have fostered a tremendous overall healing, not only allowing me to straighten out my legal issues, but actively working with me toward setting and achieving this goal and many others.”

  • “My will to live is stronger than my desire to use or drink, and I want to do what is necessary to ensure this doesn’t happen.  I feel that my chances of success increase with every day I stay at Ozanam House.”